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Rainbow Writing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

Rainbow Writing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Kindergartners have a ton of new aptitudes to learn and practice.​​ Writing the letters in order and spelling words are two of the top assignments that require inventiveness and reiteration with the goal for understudies to ace. That is the place Rainbow Writing comes in. Its a fun, simple, and low-prep action that should be possible in class or appointed as schoolwork. Heres how it fills in just as how it can support your rising authors. How Rainbow Writing Works To begin with, you have to pick around 10-15 high-recurrence sight words that are as of now recognizable to your students.Next, make a gift on basic penmanship paper. Compose every one of your picked words on the paper, single word per line. Compose the letters as flawlessly and enormous as could be expected under the circumstances. Make duplicates of this handout.Alternatively, for more established understudies who would already be able to compose and duplicate words: Write the rundown on your whiteboard and have the understudies record the words (one for every line) onto penmanship paper.To complete the Rainbow Words task, every understudy needs a bit of composing paper and 3-5 pastels (every one of an alternate shading). The understudy at that point composes over the first word in every one of the pastel hues. Its like following however includes a beautiful visual twist.For evaluation, search for your understudies to imitate the first perfect penmanship as intently as could reason ably be expected. Varieties of Rainbow Writing There are a couple of varieties of this action. The one recorded above is the most fundamental variety that is extraordinary for presenting words. A subsequent variety (when understudies become accustomed to following over a word with pastels), is for understudies to take a kick the bucket and move it to perceive what number of hues they have to follow over the recorded word. For instance, if a youngster was to roll a five on the pass on, that would imply that they would need to pick five unique hues to compose over each word recorded on their paper (ex. the word is and the kid could utilize a blue, red, yellow, orange, and purple pastel to follow over the word). Another variety of the Rainbow Writing action is for an understudy to pick three shading pastels and compose close to the recorded word multiple times with three distinctive hued colored pencils (there is no following in this strategy). This is somewhat increasingly unpredictable and is typically for understudies who have experience composing or are in a more established evaluation. How Might it Help Emergent Writers? Rainbow Writing helps emanant scholars since they are ceaselessly shaping letters again and again. In addition to the fact that it helps them figure out how to compose it causes them figure out how to spell the word effectively. On the off chance that you have any understudies who are visual-spatial, sensation or material students then this action is ideal for them.

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Hydration and nutrition at the end of life Essay - 8

Hydration and sustenance toward the finish of life - Essay Example As indicated by standard practice in the UK and Scotland, palliative consideration and end-of-life social insurance requires an all encompassing methodology through which patients are given the sort of care that impacts all parts of their lives emphatically (Tappenden, et al., 2013). Along these lines, it is significant for all parts of social insurance to be thought of and considered so as to give the best of treatment to this class of patients. Besides, palliative consideration and old human services accompany significant issues that require the dynamic contribution of the groups of patients (Field and Cassel, 2013). This implies there is the requirement for authorisation in an official and informal setting for the arrangement of appropriate consideration and treatment. Regardless of the significance of nourishment in improving the lives of end-of-life patients, proof demonstrates that a larger part of these patients are not given the correct consideration and consideration as far as taking care of and the assimilation procedure (Mann and Truswell, 2012). Over 55% of attendants and clinical specialists don't invest quality energy looking at and investigating alternatives for the arrangement of top notch care (Gillespie and Raftery, 2014). Consequently, patients get significant difficulties that add to their difficulties at these delicate occasions of their lives. The reason for this examination is to look at the fundamental issues with the arrangement of legitimate nourishment to people who are experiencing end-of-life clinical medications and procedures. This will finish in the assessment of a main issue in look into and from that point, So as to structure a legitimate research, there was the need to characterize the extent of the exploration and figure a fitting system to direct the investigation.

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Fellowship Opportunity for College Sophomores COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Fellowship Opportunity for College Sophomores COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog SIPA is proud to partner with several organizations that provide scholarship funding to individuals interested in international and Public Affairs and one such organization is the Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship Program (IIPP). Individuals apply in their sophomore year of college and participate in academic and professional programs to help prepare for graduate school.   Funding is also included and SIPA agrees to match funding provided by IIPP.   If you are a college sophomore or know someone who is, please pass along this great opportunity. ___________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Application Opened September 16th for UNCF Special Programs Corporation’s Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship Program Background: The UNCF Special Programs Corporation’s Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowship Program is now entering its 17th year. The Institute seeks to enhance U.S. national security and global competitiveness by promoting excellence, international service, and awareness among a representative cross-section of the American citizenry. The IIPP also seeks to broaden access to international education and training opportunities for underrepresented minority college students. The IIPP Fellowship Program provides students from underrepresented minority groups with education and training experiences critical to entry and advancement in international affairs careers. Ours is a comprehensive program of summer policy institutes, study abroad, intensive language training, internships, graduate study, and student services that include mentoring and career development. Additionally, the Institute provides students with the education and training necessary to successfully enter, advance, and provide leadership in international affairs careers. Fellowship Components: Sophomore Summer Policy Institute Junior Year Study Abroad Junior Summer Policy Institute Summer Language Institute International Internship Internationally Focused Advanced Degree Program Wraparound Student Services (academic, study abroad, and career advising) Eligibility Requirements We welcome applications from undergraduate sophomores who: Are enrolled full-time at an accredited, fourâ€"year baccalaureate-granting institution. Are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents (documentary support required). Will remain enrolled at their undergraduate institution for two years following their acceptance to the Fellowship. Have a minimum 3.2 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale). Have a strong demonstrated interest in international affairs. Are an underrepresented minority (African American, Hispanic/Latino American, Asian American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander). Plan to seek admission to an internationally focused advanced degree program. Students from underrepresented minority groups, especially those from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and Other Minority Serving Institutions (OMIs) are particularly encouraged to apply. Though not a requirement, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete at least one of the following courses before starting the IIPP Fellowship: international affairs, foreign policy, a foreign language, political science, sociology, macro/micro-economics, statistics and/or journalism. Application Deadline: February 1, 2011 Website: Email us with comments or questions at

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Business Plan For Creating A Business Model Essay

When creating a business model there are ample decisions and choices to make and consider. Those decisions directly correlate to how successful the business can become as well as the effectiveness of the company s growth. Bad business models can destroy a company and damage its reputation. As consumers, we see this frequently with the weekly closings. Some as brutal as the destruction of Enron, and other company breakdowns as simple as the monthly closings of JCPenney s which has led to 2,250 layoffs. So consequently, you can observe and benefit from the use of efficient business plans or view and examine the damage and destruction done by inefficient business plans. Through thorough research, we will examine two methods that can help a company achieve a proficient business plan. The use of process selection, and the choices made when implementing your facility layout can directly contribute to the success rate of your business. To begin with the first topic for discussion, we first must properly define process selection. â€Å"Process selection refers to the strategic decisions of selecting the kind of production process to have in a manufacturing plant† (Ch. 6 Process Selection and Facility Layout). This method refers to the ways services and goods are made and delivered therefore, influencing multiple aspects of a corporation, including their capacity planning and layout of their facilities. Process selection is used primarily when planning the distribution of new productsShow MoreRelatedThe Key Elements Of A Successful Business1423 Words   |  6 Pagesin small business. I want to know what it takes to build a successful business. What are the skills needed to start a new business? What are some of the steps to building a business model and plan? I am working on getting my degree in business. I am a general manager and will be soon help the company expand in opening two new stores in the next few months. This is something that is exciting to be able to expand the brand. This experience will help me when I am ready to own my own business. I knowRead MoreServe As The Contracting Officer s Representative915 Words   |  4 Pagescontracts for the Census Hiring and Employment Check (CHEC) program, the Commerce Business Systems (CBS) program, as well as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) contract. Responsible for performing all duties required to put a contract in place, this includes performing Market Research, developing Statements of Work, working independently or with Acquisition to develop Acquisition Plans and Source Selection Plans, participating in the source selection process, developing Independent GovernmentRead MoreRisks For An Entrepreneur Who Becomes Emotionally Attached Essay936 Words   |  4 Pages4-3: There are many risks for an entrepreneur who becomes emotionally attached to an idea to a new business. One of risk is that it might waste the entrepreneur a lot of time and money. Another risk is that new ide a can destroy the achievement they have got before. 4-10: Tools for conducting primary research: 1. Customer surveys and questionnaires: Creating a surveys or questionnaires for collecting customer’s ideas. 2. Focus groups: Focus group refers a form of qualitative research that a groupRead More Creating a Problem Statement for Kudler Fine Foods Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesCreating a Problem Statement for Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store chain located in the San Diego California area. The vision of Kudler Fine Foods is to become the premiere gourmet grocery store for shoppers who are interested in purchasing the finest meats, produce, cheese and wines (Kudler 2003). After opening its first store in La Jolla, California inRead MoreData Modeling Concepts1133 Words   |  5 Pagesare data models and the importance of data model. Building a good data model helps organizations in software development, data base design and product maintenance. The document explains the theory, even if it looks like the organizations are spending substantial amount of resources on developing data models, but still it helps organization, keeping the costs low and build a better product. Database constitutes of data structures and is represented by conceptual data structures. Data models are abstractRead MoreChoosing A Business Model For My Own Future Business900 Words   |  4 PagesFor my formal business report, analyzing all the scenario given, I am planning to choose option B. It will give me an opportunity to make a business model for my own future business, which is opening a restaurant. Option A is also a good choice for me to work on as my academic courses are related to them and I have my future plan to work on one of the Fortune 500 companies after graduation. Since I am not sure where I will be applying for job or which company I will be working for, I choose not toRead MoreRapid, Volatile, and Discontinuous Change: Impact on Strategic Management and Organizations1482 Words   |  6 PagesThe main challenge to management is the creation and implementation of strategic approaches and tools that measure and build organizational capabilities, which continuo usly renew themselves and leap competition. Managers face the daunting task of creating novel methods which transcend traditional strategic approaches and tools, in a less stable, certain, and complex environment (Voepel, Leibold, Mahmoud, 2004, p.124). Moreover, organizations are faced with the challenge of assessing and utilizingRead MoreRoom for Dessert Case Summary Essay1120 Words   |  5 PagesRoom for Dessert Case Summary Situation This case presents a business plan for a startup company called quot;Room for Dessertquot; (RFD), which is a fine dining restaurant focused on serving a niche market that includes desserts and beverages such as tea, wine and spirits. RFD has created a business model which provides a strategy to differentiate itself from typical fine dining restaurants by offering an unpretentious atmosphere focused on serving affordable, high-quality desserts. The companyRead MoreHow Can Disrupt The Norm? Essay1163 Words   |  5 PagesHow to Disrupt the Norm If you look around at the businesses which you encounter each day, you will notice most of them are based on one of those five models, or are a hybrid of one or two of those models combined. After combining or utilizing them individually to form new ideas for potential business concepts, you must begin to think of how to compete with the established incumbents. This section is designed to help you think about how to do so, and develop your idea selection to its fullestRead MoreBusiness Plan For A New Business Program1334 Words   |  6 PagesWhenever a new business program is created, it explicitly employs a business model that is suitable for that particular business, which describes the design, the delivery and the mechanism it employs to achieve success. The core meaning of a business model is to define the value it delivers to its customers, make customer pay for the value provided, and converts these payments to profit (Teece, 2009). There are different types of business mode ls and they suit different types of business. Berry (n.d)

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The Influence Television Has on Children - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1088 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/09/21 Category Education Essay Type Argumentative essay Tags: Children Essay Influence Essay Television Essay Did you like this example? Children love to watch TV and prefer to stay â€Å"glued† to the TV screen all day, rather than playing outside. In the USA, 47% of children ages 2 to 18 years have a television set in their bedrooms. On a typical day, they spend on average of 5. 5 hours using media, including television, computer games and the Internet (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2001). TV is the number one after-school activity for 6 to 17 years old. Although television is loved by children and has helped them a lot, it has influenced them in a negative way. Over the past decade television has become a big part of a child’s routine. Even though many parents feel that it is just there for entertainment or another form to keep a child company o it still may have a negative influence on them without the parents or guardians even knowing. Even though many television sets or cable companies now have parental locks/guards children can still be influenced or exposed to negative behavior, not age ap propriate language thru shows, commercials etc. Television does not only influence negative behavior but it also takes time away from a child’s social and educational time. Many children who watch a lot of television is likely to have lower grades, read less, even become overweight. In the past 10-15 years television has changed drastically. The amount of violence, sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse that is shown and really is the main theme of many shows today really does have an effect on a child’s way of seeing or portraying how life can be. An adult may see a television show with all of the above in it and think and know that all of is not real it’s just for entertainment. As, for a child they perceive it as being true, that it’s really happening or that it’s normal and safe to act or do the things they do. Especially if the parents allows them to watch the program. It may not even be a television show, it can be the cartoons that are now being done and how the news portrays the world and the events that occur. Many advertisements and commercials are even a bit too much for a child to watch. Many may agree that the way television shows are for kids now has changed drastically. Over the past years they have created so many networks like Nickelodeon, cartoon network, nick Jr, Disney, and many many others! There is even an option on certain cable companies to have the favorite shows available anytime of the day. Although many of the cartoons are harmless they do show violence and many of the shows do show a lot of being disrespectful, having different attitudes so when children, pre teens see this they think it’s cool or that’s how they should act because their favorite child actor or teen idol does it. There are a few decent programs and networks that do show positive and educational information. It may be hard for many parents to get very strict or to monitor every moment a child watches television because of how society is today. We now live in a time where both parents need to work everyone is very busy, you hardly see the importance of a family eating dinner around a table, if you visit someone’s home you would probably notice everyone is doing their own thing whether its mom or dad on a computer/laptop, a sibling playing video games while another is watching television or texting on their phone. So when a parent does notice or wants to cut back on television time even gaming it’s too late or becomes very difficult because the child has that routine and it can become difficult to change or even get the child to understand why they shouldn’t spend so much time playing video games or watching television. That’s when it becomes important to teach a child from when they are very small and also have limits for them. There have been debates on how television has changed. Many like the baby boomers cannot believe how different it has become. They re member just having cartoons on maybe 1 or 2 channels. Nothing like with how it is today. Many also don’t see the problem; many adults think its nice having the variety of different cartoons and programs for children because they didn’t have it while growing up. But, there are also a big percentage of parents who feel that some programs go too far and are concerned of what the future of children’s television will become. There are many ways that parents can do to help their children from watching so much television and getting them more involved in programs or simply just turning the television off for a few hours a day. Many articles simply state that if they don’t want to turn off the television they can watch television with their children and select the appropriate shows for them to watch. Others suggest having limits of the amount of television they are allowed to watch during the week. Simply turning it off during meals, and study time which al so helps the child, so that they can see the importance to focus while studying and the importance of having meals with the family. For those parents who are always working or very busy then they have the option if their cable company offers it, they can block and set a timer for what they can see and how long they can watch the television. As time goes by if parents become more involved in what their child is watching then there’s hope for a change. It’s rare to watch regular television without hearing a curse word, or the image of sex or how the ideal man or woman is suppose to look like, so when children feed into all that it can send mixed signals of how they should be or act. So if parents become more pro active and simply monitor and become more involved then hopefully it can change overtime. And it would help the children become more involved with their school work; it would be able to change the rate of obesity and their behaviors. If parents or guardians voice their opinions more eventually someone’s voice would be heard and changes can be made. Until then since this is a way of life many parents should have more precaution and just be more aware Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Influence Television Has on Children" essay for you Create order

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How to Write a Term Paper - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesnt

How to Write a Term Paper - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn't There are lots of samples on the site where a client can assess the writer's writing skills and fashion. Finally, you will find a definitely custom essay order. Should you ever make an attempt to come across the very best custom essay online writing service that might not fail you, congratulations, you might have picked ideal one particular. When you do a research, it's necessary for you to use a specific citation style. Phrase paper writing, since the name suggests suggests that the student is providing an assignment at the initiation of the program unit in which he's crucial to existing at the conclusion of the semester. Quite a few students is usually fearful of their upcoming life and its development. Furthermore, you can get plenty of students who try and combine studying with work and it's not uncomplicated. If you're a single of individuals students who need to advance pers onal essay help education and learning to boost your positions on the job you should have really an active plan which stops you from completing diverse academic initiatives punctually. The sole difference is the area of study and the necessities of the subject. The price of adoption is still another crucial issue. So right here, how to compose a term paper organizations are carrying out the precise same, helping college students in return of a minor amount of income that's nothing in comparison to what they're accomplishing. So it is suggested to buy an actual product in order to find a perfect work. There is the perfect alternative for you. You can receive all the things and you don't will want to visit the marketplace. You may encounter some unreliable packages on the market, but just don't dupe yourself by cheap products. How to Get Started with How to Write a Term Paper Before you commence working on your essay, take a look at all requirements that need to be followed. When it's the perfect school essay writing supplier, it's very likely to offer you homework on demand. College admission essay is essential after you wish to put in the college or university. When you're going to have college best application essay you might need to be positive in its excellent. Things You Should Know About How to Write a Term Paper Your give great results ought to be vivid and impress absolutely everybody, specially your tutor. So, now you see that it might be an honestly time-consuming company which necessitates tons of hours. Lucky you in the event that you have this kind of opportunity. Otherwise, it is going to be a fun for you. The Nuiances of How to Write a Term Paper You've got an opportunity to speak together with your writer at any moment you desire. You ought to bear in mind our writers can write every tiny thing even if it appears impossible. For the motive that you ought ton't underestimate the importance of the papers you've been assigned, as though you don't compose and effectively compose your college phrase papers and submit them on time you're able to kiss your valuable de gree superior bye. Formal writing demands simplicity and accuracy. Even essays written employing the stream of consciousness technique have a particular goal at the conclusion of the essay. Before you commence writing an assignment, make an outline. Seasoned writers will take pains to finish a paper of the maximum quality for you. You even get excepts from every paper. If you really need to be educated then you might have to learn how to express yourself on paper. To start with, you should keep in mind that a research paper is an official paper. The expression paper is among the academic writing assignment styles. Custom cheap essay writer here are frequently well prepared to adhere to all your requirements and compose a perfect essay. If you own a choice choose a book you might enjoy. You may want to understand that it's reputable to order essays for money. Every of us knows that currently it's simple to order customized essays simply and rapidly since there is surely a wonderful deal of on-line customized essay sites which supply it. You could have an easy private premium provide and to cover essay online.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns free essay sample

In a culture such as Afghanistan where women are constantly being degraded and treated as property, one can imagine their emotional stability is far from being strong. The women of the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, are continually faced with a whirlwind of abuse and death and are constantly rejected the emotional support they seek in their times of desperation. Although, in time of war, when physical shelter is vital in their survival, it is emotional shelter that drives the difficult decisions the main characters face and the novels key plot in the heart retching story that shatters the hearts of many readers. Mariam was a young girl who adored both her mother and her father. Unfortunately, Jalil, Mariams father, was a rich man who did not play a big part in Mariam’s life as a child. Mariam praised her father when he came over with presents for her. Later in the novel, Mariam makes a request to watch a movie in her fathers’ cinema with all her brothers and sisters for her birthday; her fathers’ vow ultimately fails. The reason that Tariq might not think that it is a bad idea is because even though he has experienced it first hand he might hope that the United states will help the suffering people of his country. In helping to fight against the Taliban who are causing all the trouble in this country. Although Laila does not view the United States Joining in the same way she says Not so bad? People dying? Women, children, old people? Homes destroyed again. To Laila it would all be the same because she has seen people die and because of this experiencing such things it has effected her physically and emotionally. Laila would add that war brings death , which would mean that a lot of people would lose their lives in it, the deaths of people would emotionally break down families, which would all lead to being completely miserable and unhappy. Both Laila and Tariqs contradicting views on war would have to do with personal experiences that each individually had so they could say such things about the war in their country. Laila and Tariq are not Just the only ones who have experienced war. The reason is because war has happened in many countries whether it be civil or controversial and one specifically that the United States went into to interfere with was the Vietnam War. The United States entered this war to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam . To do such a thing they used a containment policy that used military, economic, and diplomatic strategies so that they could reduce the spread of communism which would in their eyes enhance Americas security and prevent a domino affect of Communism spreading all over. This single war out of many that have happened having to do with the U. S. this was the longest war in American history. This was one of the most unpopular American wars that happened during the twentieth century. This war alone caused nearly 60,000 American deaths alone not including those who were injured. Because of this war today many Americans still ask if it was worth American effort in Vietnam or if it was Just a careless mistake, or an actual necessary war to go interfere in Just so that the South Vietnamese would be protected from a totalitarian government. Because of wars like these many people re affected and lose family members that should still be alive but are not do to choices that were taken in Joining another countries war and helping with their War its self affects many aspects of many peoples every day lifes and with the United States reputation of Joining other wars to interfere with their problems has become very common and not only affects civilians personally but economically as well. Today the war in Iraq has a price of $59,202,453,105 cost of war in Iraq to our community and , 143 cost of war in Pakistan to our community and is still climbing by the day. This very large amount of money shouldnt even be being asted because we shouldnt even be over seas trying to fix other countries problems. The main reason that anyone might argue as reason that soldiers are staying in Iraq when there is no war happening is because of the large abundance of oil that this country has that we the United States can get a hold of for a discount possibly because of helping resolve their problems. Because of being over seas the money spent on keeping military soldiers there is becoming more and more expensive. Which leads us to see the total amount of money($81 ,502,827,471) that wars have cost since 2001 . Because of the United States actions we as a nation are in ational debt which is still rising unfortunately especially in the area of war which is also causing many military soldiers to lose their lives because of problems that they shouldnt have went into. For this reason things like economies suffering, people dying, and problems being solved each make many people have different points of view of wars like the ones that are happening in our world today but one thing that will never change is that people will always die and economies will suffer because of wars ,and if we dont try to change this then people who make the decisions to go to war will be sending eople off to their deaths and will worsen our economy which would then make their own people suffer. Because of things like this a wise man of our countries U. S. Army once said Wars can be prevented Just as surely as they can be provoked and we who fail to prevent them, must share the guilt for the dead. (Omar N. Bradley, General of the U. S. Army, 1893-1981) which will continue to happen if we do keep on happening if we the United States dont take into consideration the consequences that come with their actions when interfering in another countries problems.